Association Croquet Handicaps

Association Croquet Handicaps

HA1. The C.A.I. shall appoint annually a sub-committee of at least two official Handicappers whose responsibility it is to determine handicaps for all players in Irish competitions.

HA2. The Handicappers shall publish a list of all official handicaps on, and update it at least monthly during the season (April to October): this List should be made available to the members of each Club and continuously displayed where possible.

HA3. All players should familiarise themselves with the most recently updated List and where they are aware of any apparent errors, inform the C.A.I. handicappers or their Club Handicapper.

HA4. At all times it is the responsibility of the individual players to ensure they are playing off the correct official handicap. Errors or discrepancies in the published Handicap or Event Lists will not have any validating effect.

HA5. Subject only to rule HA6, any adjustments to a handicap since the last official List was published will take precedence over the listed handicap. Club and Tournament Handicappers may adjust any player’s handicap with immediate effect; and must promptly make such changes known to the player and to the CAI Handicappers. On receipt of a letter or e-mail from the CAI, ratifying, cancelling or amending the change, the new handicap is confirmed. The acting Club or Tournament Handicapper must then immediately inform the player of this, in writing.

HA6. The Tournament Handicapper may adjust a handicap during the course of an event (but not during a game or between a semi-final and final) where the following two circumstances both apply. First, that no handicapper has assessed the player's recent play (as defined by a period of three months or more). Second, that there is a significant difference between the player's performance and his/her handicap. This is defined by an apparent difference of at least 4 for handicaps of over +10, and of at least 3 for handicaps of +3 to +10 inclusive. Handicaps of less than +3 cannot be adjusted under this rule. The Handicapper must personally and in writing inform the player of any such adjustment.

HA7. A player who plays off any handicap other than as defined in HA5 and HA6 shall be deemed to be playing off an incorrect handicap. Where it becomes known that a player is playing off a handicap higher than his/her official handicap during an event, he/she shall be disqualified. Games that have already been completed are not over-ruled. Players playing off a lower handicap have no remedy.

AH8. Visiting players who do not have an official Irish handicap shall play off their latest official home club handicap, subject to rule 6.

AH9. Where a player holds both an Irish handicap and an overseas handicap, the Irish handicap will apply if there is a difference. If appropriate, the C.A.I. handicappers may make an adjustment to the Irish Handicap to take into account such difference or any recommendations that overseas handicappers may have made. It will however remain at the discretion of the C.A.I. Handicappers to retain a difference if this is judged necessary for the consistency of the Irish handicapping system.

AH10. A separate Doubles Handicap may be assigned if there is a profound difference between a player’s technical ability and their knowledge of the game. No player may play off higher than +18 in a Handicap Doubles event.

AH11. A handicap of +20 (doubles +18) shall normally be assigned to any novice player competing for the first time, subject to AH6. In the case of a player inactive for many years, a handicap of twice the figure of their last correct handicap (or in the case of handicaps below +1, the handicap of +2), shall be assigned - again, subject to AH6.

AH12. A Club Handicapper may at times assign different handicaps – for example, handicaps over +20 - to players, for use only in internal club play.


Duties of Club Handicappers

To assess the play of all players in their club, and when appropriate to recommend changes in a player’s official handicap;

To promptly send recommendations to the CAI Handicappers;

To display and promulgate the current official handicap list;

To promptly inform players of summary handicap changes, and their subsequent ratification.

Duties of Tournament Handicapper

Prior to the tournament, to establish procedures and forms for HA6 changes.

To observe the play and results of all players, and apply to HA6 as appropriate.

To inform the players and the CAI Handicappers of any changes made.

Duties of CAI Handicappers

To publish a complete, updated list of handicaps on the regular dates directed by the Council;

To receive and quickly assess the recommendations of Club Handicappers;

To quickly ratify, amend or overturn adjustments in handicap made under Rule HA6 above;

To promptly publish all their decisions.