Student Championships Results

Student Championships Results

Danny Johnston and Fiachra Carroll competed in the Students Championships, representing Trinity. Danny reached the Semi-finals in the singles and together they reached the doubles Semi-finals also.
Well done to Danny who recorded his first tp in competition. Web editor

Singles results

Tom Whiteley +12(t) John Wells
Rob Thorman +6(t) Rachel Rowe
Danny Johnston +15 Joel Taylor
Will Gee +24 Fiachra Carroll
Tom Whiteley +26 Tony Williams
Harry Fisher +15 Rob Thorman
Joel Taylor +24 Neil Bacon
Rob E-W +16 Fiachra Carroll
Danny Johnston +26tp Neil Bacon
Will Gee +26tp Rob E-W
John Wells +25 Tony Williams
Rachel Rowe +5 Harry Fisher


Harry Fisher +19 Rob E-W
Will Gee +25 Rachel Rowe
Danny Johnson +26 John Wells
Tom Whiteley +7(t) Joel Taylor


Tom Whiteley +11 Danny Johnson
Harry Fisher +14 Will Gee

Tom Whiteley +26tp Harry Fisher

Doubles results


Oxford “A” +24 Notttingham “B”
Oxford “B” +20 Cambridge “B”
Cambridge “A” +11(t) Nottingham “C”
Dublin +11(t) Nottingham “A”

Oxford “A” +26tp Cambridge “A”
Oxford “B” +26tp Dublin

Oxford “A” +26tp Oxford “B”
Oxford “A” (Harry Fisher and Tom Whiteley) win