Cunningham wins 2010 Irish Golf Croquet Championship

Cunningham wins 2010 Irish Golf Croquet Championship

Lovely sunny weather with less than one hours drizzle all weekend. Nineteen players after a handful of withdrawals (including two English visitors who we hope can get their passports in order in time for next years tournament!). Nice afternoon teas thanks to the tennis brigade in Carrickmines and top quality lawns as per usual from Simon and Rocket.

Strong threat this year from the up-and-coming junior stars, but it was the wily tactics from the 'Old Generation' in the shape of the Tournament Manager, Ed Cunningham, who kept the 'New Generation' in their box (and off the trophy winners plaque) for another year. How long the Old Generation can head-off this threat is a question we can ponder while our mallets are put away to rest for the Winter.

Good Luck to Evan Newell travelling to Cairo later in the month to compete in the Over-50's World Championships plus the Egyptian Open and also to Andy Johnston competing in the European Championships in Jersey.

Ed Cunningham beat Simon Williams 7/4 7/5
Robert Barklie beat Frank O'Neill 7/4 7/4
Danny Johnston beat Jack Clingan 7/5 7/3
Kieran Murphy beat Evan Newell 7/6 7/3

Cunningham beat Barklie 7/5 5/7 7/5
Murphy beat Johnston 7/6 6/7 7/0

Cunningham beat Murphy 7/6 5/7 7/2

Preliminary Blocks:
Block A:
Kieran Murphy beat Stuart Arthur 10/3, Mary Dobbyn 10/3, Frank O'Neill 10/2, Mark Stephens 10/7
Frank O'Neill beat Stuart Arthur 10/3, Mary Dobbyn 10/2, Mark Stephens 10/8
Mark Stephens beat Stuart Arthur 10/7, Mary Dobbyn 10/1
Stuart Arthur beat Mary Dobbyn 10/3
Block B:
Robert Barklie beat Evan Newell 10/4, Jane O'Neill 10/8, Karl Murphy 10/3
Evan Newell beat Jane O'Neill 10/7, Karl Murphy 10/7
Jane O'Neill beat Karl Murphy 10/4
Block C:
Danny Johnston beat Simon Williams 10/6, Alan Looney 10/9, Peter O'Callaghan 10/1, Will Synnott 10/6
Simon Williams beat Alan Looney 10/7, Peter O'Callaghan 10/7
Alan Looney beat Peter O'Callaghan 10/6, Will Synnott 10/9
Peter O'Callaghan beat Will Synnott 10/7
Block D:
Ed Cunningham beat Jack Clingan 10/6, Rob O'Donoghue 10/7, Paddy Furey 10/3, Anne Marie McGowan 10/4
Jack Clingan beat Rob O'Donoghue 10/9, Paddy Furey 10/3, Anne Marie McGowan 10/4
Rob O'Donoghue beat Paddy Furey 10/5, Anne Marie McGowan 10/4
Paddy Furey beat Anne Marie McGowan 10/5

Plate Event:
Alan Looney (winner) beat Jane O'Neill 7/3, Paddy Furey 7/5, Frank O'Neill 7/1, Sturt Arthur 7/5
Peter O'Callaghan beat Alan Looney 7/5, Paddy Furey 7/3, Stuart Arthur 7/2, Mary Dobbyn 7/1
Jane O'Neill beat Peter O'Callaghan 7/2, Mary Dobbyn 7/2
Paddy Furey beat Jane O'Neill 7/5, Stuart Arthur 7/5
Frank O'Neill beat Peter O'Callaghan 7/6