2011 World Golf Croquet Championship: Chris Clarke’s Response

Firstly, thanks to Evan for allowing me the opportunity to comment on his article. I accept that there isn’t very much depth or justification in my views posted in my commentaries. This is due to the fact that I was trying to keep up with play in “live” time and didn’t have the chance to expand on my views. I also believe that lively debate is healthy for the sport and part of the fun of playing and spectating.
I’d like deal with a few specific points.

A Commentary on 2011 Golf Croquet World Championship.

2011 Golf Croquet World Championship at Hurlingham
A Commentary on the Commentaries. By Evan Newell.

Two commentaries are to be found on the Web that do not, in my opinion, provide a balanced view of the Hurlingham World Golf Croquet Championship of July 2011. The two to which I refer are:

Chris Clarke’s “opinion” as recorded on the dedicated Championship web site.
Mohammad Kamal’s “post-mortems” of the Championship to be found at “croquetworld.com”.

Full Results - Carter Challenge

Carrickmines 10-13 August 2011
Final Score: Ireland 13 USA 8

Mark McInerney wins the Irish Championships.

Managers report by Brian Fisk.

Mark McInerney Wins World Golf Croquet Championships!

Mark McInerney has become the first non-Egyptian player ever to win the World Golf
Croquet Championships. After qualifying from his block without too much trouble,
Mark made his way through a tough Knockout draw to reach the final, beating reigning
champion Ahmed Nasr and 2006 champion Mohammed Nasr en route. This was a truly
magnificent feat in itself coming from a game down in both matches to win.

Mark is 2011 Golf Croquet World Champion

Sunday: 24th July

15th Irish Golf Croquet Championships

Entries are now invited for the 15th Irish Golf Croquet Championships which will be held at Carrickmines C&LT Club on 10th/11th September 2011. Click "Tournaments" on top line for form.

England Retain McWeeney (& Photos)

The match ran from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunchtime, so as to use the daily flight from Dublin.

South Leinster Open Championship

This year the SLOC was held in combination with a leg of the Irish Masters. Played at Newcastle on the weekend of 14/15 May, the participants were Andrew Johnston, Ed Cunningham, Simon Williams, Kieran Murphy, Danny Johnston, Nathaniel Healy and Robert Barklie.

Championship of County Dublin – Results

1. Championship Singles: Railway Cup
Winner: Mark McInerney Runner up: Patsy Fitzgerald

2. Handicap Singles: Boxwell Cup
Winner: Kieran Murphy Runner up: Nathaniel Healy

3. Handicap Doubles: Coronation bowls
Winners: Ed Cunningham & Joe McGowan Runners up: Andrew Johnston & Piers White

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